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Chapter 14: LOVE POTION NO. 9
Friday.... a regular day for most folks but it's the one day that Doctor Heath plots something nefarious.... the rest of the time he just writes poetry and binge-watches Netflix.... It's also Cinco de Mayo! WHOOOHOOOO
He's already busy at work in his cell when ZAPMAN arrives....

"Ah! ZAPMAN, you're here early! What a surprise, and you brought me some toffee! Can't go wrong with toffee." Doctor Heath goes to go take a toffee bar but ZAPMAN yanks it away, "Cut to the chase Heath, we both know you have something up your sleeve, you always have something up your sleeve, especially on FRIDAY. "

Doctor Heath looks playfully dejected, "Ok ZAPMAN, you caught me. I've been planning this one since Valentine's Day because I was never able to get anyone to spend time with me so I thought wouldn't it be neat-o if I made something that would make people fall in love with me? But then I thought well, what if I made random people fall in love? So I did some experiments and let me tell you chap, they were not pretty. I mean a hamster and a dog? That's some icky territory over there that is. After a couple of days, I wanted to scrap the whole thing, but then I had a terrible (and by terrible I mean terrible for you) idea. What if I made  everyone fall in love with you?! It'd be my ultimate vengeance for my pride and dignity which you so heartlessly destroyed b-", ZAPMAN interrupts Heath with his own counterpoint

"Wait hold up, if you're saying that you have this, thingamajig you have to make everyone fall in love with me, wouldn't that mean you'd fall in love with me too UGH!" ZAPMAN makes a fake vomiting noise.

"Well, Mr. Green-in the-gills, I've already thought of that like the brilliant mad scientist I am. I've made myself immune via a surgical implant microchip. That reminds me, I owe Gladys the lunch lady ten bucks for helping me put it in. Oooh I can't wait any longer! I'm just going to show you! Behold and tremble  before the terrifying power of my-"

"You made a love gun?" ZAPMAN is dumbstruck, staring at a piece of machinery with a panel in the back that allowed for typed out commands. The device was adorned with little circular nozzles at the center of the slender beam filled with a pinkish glow. No doubt from an undisclosed source of power. "Say, uh, Heathbar, what powers this thing anyway? Wait- don't tell me, it's powered by your love for donuts, is that it? Or nachos?" ZAPMAN asks.
Heath: "Well if you must know it's powered by  uranium-32. Now hold still so I can fire it on you!
ZAPMAN jumps around dodging laser fire, singing to keep Heath's guard down.

ZAPMAN: "Love gun, Looove gun, LOVE GUUUUUUUUUN"

Heath: "Will you just sit still?!"

ZAPMAN: "Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help, falling in looooove with yooooou.  ZAPMAN shapeshifts into a version of Elvis' Jumpsuit and Pompadour complete with gold sun glasses, "Thank yew! Thank yew very much!"

ZAPMAN: "I was made for lovin' you baby, you were made for lovin me!

Heath "Stop it."

ZAPMAN "Make me you diabolical crazy man you" ZAPMAN flashes his trademark grin and jumps onto the celling and clings there (via electromagnetic attraction), being mere inches from being hit by Dr. Heath's machine.

ZAPMAN" Whoo! That was close, wouldn't you say so? Better luck next time dude, you'll get it."

Heath: Don't call me dude. I'm not a dude. I'm a well-respected and accomplished scientist who just so happens to specialize in things that most other people wouldn't dream of doing, thank  you very much." Heath gives a distinguished little huff at the of his sentence.

ZAPMAN: "Sure you are and what am I?"

ZAPMAN "Callin' Dr. Love, I got the cure you're thinkin' of. Callin' Dr. Loooooove!"  ZAPMAN shifts his form, this time into Space Man Ace Frehley complete with makeup, "I'm back in the New York Groove, man."

Heath: "Stop it! Stop it right now!"

ZAPMAN: "Aw! Did the big bad man get his feewings hurt? Do you want me to stop?"

Heath: "Yes, very much so." Doctor Heath bites his lip and looks to be on the verge of tears.

ZAPMAN: "But I'm psycho for your love" ZAPMAN starts dancing while continue to dodge laser fire.

ZAPMAN: "I'm just a hunk-a hunk-a burnin' love."

ZAPMAN: "Do you love me, like do you really, really love me?"

ZAPMAN: "When you smile I see stars in the sky, when you smile I see sunrise. And I know what you want me to do. Oh, I've got hearts and flowers for you. This would be a good song for Cyclops A.K.A. Scott Summers if he wasn't such a major bummer Oh Jean, oh Jeeean, oh Jean, Ooooooh JEEEEEEAN!"  ZAPMAN shapeshifts yet again for a third time, transforming into Angus Young's schoolboy uniform and little cap, "Oooh! This feels so FREEING! I wonder what I could do with this thing on?!"

Heath: "Stop it right now! all that shapeshifting is making me sick!"
ZAPMAN: "If I stop, do you promise to love me tender?"

Heath: "That DOES IT, ya BUGGER! I got you now! MWAHAHAHAHA EEEEEVIL LAUGH!" Heath backs ZAPMAN into a corner.

ZAPMAN: "And I've... got breath mints for you to snack on because your breath smells rank." ZAPMAN jumps over the Love Ray Gun and leaps toward Doctor Heath, forcibly shoves breath mints down his throat.

Heath: "Ack ack! It's too much! Breath becoming.... mintier! Life flashing before my eyes!" In his flailing about, Doctor Heath accidently hits the self-destruct feature on his love ra- ahem, gun. Who would even put a self-destruct button right next to the fire button?!

Heath: "You fool! You'll destroy us all with your meddling!"

ZAPMAN: "You still can't just be a grownup and take responsibility for your own actions can you? OH NOES! This is horrible..... I've ran out of love-related MATERIAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!" ZAPMAN leaps to his feet and shoves Doctor Heath out of the way, shielding him from the blast as the Love Gun goes off with a loud KABOOOOOOOM!

"Note to self- *cough cough- use more sound effects in the comic book. Anyway, same time next week Heathbar? UUUUUUUH! ZAPMAN weakly holds his hand up before promptly falling down backward with a loud THUD!

ZAPMAN dusts himself off and picks Doctor Heath up by the collar.
Heath: You know, ZAPMAN, while I truly do appreciate you saving my life and all, really from the bottom of my heart, I have places to be so-"

ZAPMAN: "Start talking: What failsafe did you install in case that thing blew up?"

Heath: "What failsafe? Why would you accuse me of such a-" Doctor Heath starts spluttering but ZAPMAN cocks an eyebrow with his free hand on his hip. "Ok you caught me, I knew of your energy absorption abilities and I took advantage of them. Even if I couldn't land a hit on you, I knew you would unconsciously absorb the energy stored within my brilliant machine so now it's only a matter of time before this entire city comes looking for you now that you're a pheromone magnet. If you don't find a way to get rid of all that excess energy... you're going to be a walking time bomb. Or should I say, LOVE BOMB?! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EEEEEEVIL LAU- woah!" ZAPMAN flings doctor heath and he lands safely in the back of a police car. ZAPMAN releases a huge beam of energy into the sky getting rid of the pheromones that had only seconds before been inhabiting his body.

ZAPMAN: " Whew! That was an easy enough fix. Good Evening, Captain Laxly. Long time no see!"

Captain Commissioner Laxly: "I know! Good to see you too ZAPMAN. It's actually Police Commissioner now. Hard to believe it's been five years seen I've seen you! You look.... taller, and did you do something with your hair? It smells.... nice.

ZAPMAN: "Ha ha yeah. I better be going now" ZAPMAN leaps onto a building and swiftly climbs it, then leaps onto another building. Jumping off of the rooftop of the second building, ZAPMAN swings off of a lamp-post and disappears off into the distance......

A black inky substance slithers its way into an alley, until it takes the form of ZAPMAN's costume, except the colors are inverted.  "Been a long time, never thought I'd ever see this hellhole ever again heh. Thanks again Marky boy. hehe You've really done me a solid. hehehehhaha The mysterious figure turns around almost as if he knows he's being watched.... What are you looking at? Yeah you at the computer screen. suddenly the view is shifted almost as if a camera gets knocked. The mysterious figure bends down toward the "camera", and tilts his head, I can SEE YOU!  hehhehe hahahaha- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  An uncomfortable silence follows the man's uncontrollable fit of laughter.

Everything fades to black as the only sound left is his mocking laughter, a grim reminder of evil and the darkness yet to come.

Could this be the return of DARK ZAPMAN?! Find out what he wants..... Next Chapter of The PHENOMENAL ZAPMAN! I better get out of here before he finds me. Warning to those of the faint of heart: We're kicking things up to ELEVEN next chapter!

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"Hold it Mark, before we do this we have to set the mood, this was your Grandpa's favorite song" A.T. switches Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy out for another record and puts the needle on as Slim Gaillard expresses his undying love for potato chips: "Potato Chips, how my mouth just drips, Potato Chips, how my mouth just drips. Crunch, crunch, I don't want no lunch all I want is Potato Chips...."

1952: BOSQUE VERDE, the Home of famous luchador and superhero, Francisco  Carlos Numera, otherwise more famously known as ZAPMAN: EL LUCHADOR DEL RELÁMPAGO!
ZAPMAN is currently stopping an armored truck getaway....
"Come on out and I'll go easy on you guys. Wait! Don't drive away! You're really not making this easy on me!" ZAPMAN runs after the truck at blazing speed and suddenly stops in front of the truck. Not expecting him to suddenly stop, the truck driver slams on the brake and Francisco sticks his laced boot out and stomps hard onto a part of the engine hood, flipping the car over and sending it somersaulting into a large field of grass.

Francisco goes to inspect what the occupants of the armored car might have stolen when as he opens the door he is greeted by sound of laser gun fire! With no time to think, ZAPMAN rips off the steel doors from the back of the truck and moves upwards to the front of the vehicle, using the steel doors as shields from the laser fire. "HAHAHAHAHA Yes keep firing it won't help I'll take you ALL ON! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Francisco's laughter rings out, meant to strike fear into the hearts of the criminal showing them that he wouldn't back down because he didn't feel fear or pain. Sure enough, that did the trick and one by one the armored truck assailants surrender their weapons at ZAPMAN's feet, saying "Please don't hurt us!" while being hauled off to jail.

A boy of about ten years old comes up to ZAPMAN excitedly showing him a picture that he had taken of ZAPMAN during one of his wrestling matches with other luchadors. "Could you sign this please ZAPMAN? My name's Enrique and I'm your biggest fan!" At that, ZAPMAN breaks into a broad grin, "Why, of course my little amigo, I didn't know I had a fan, let alone my biggest one!" After signing Enrique's photo, Francisco lifts him onto his shoulders and gives him a piggyback ride all over town, stopping for ice cream. After all, how can you argue with your el más grande admirador?

"So is it true ZAPMAN, that you got your powers from the Hydrogen bomb they detonated earlier this year?" Enrique asks, hoping to get some juicy details. ZAPMAN just chuckles, "Well that's one part of it Enrique. You see, I was visiting my family for Dia De Los Muertos and I got attacked by a vicious cult who planned to sacrifice me to Tlaloc, the Aztec god of lightning and thunder. However, it did not go as planned and Tlaloc himself came down and punished the cult by killing everyone in the room except for me. He told me that I was worthy of his power and he struck me with lightning in the shape of a snake and I passed out when its fangs sunk into me.

I awoke hours later, unsure of where I was when I heard a loud explosion.... I was in the epicenter of that bomb and no one knew. Fortunately, I found out I had the power of flight and fly I did, all the way home like a bird's internal migration. It felt effortless and natural and also a little disturbing but I enjoyed it very much... for a time. My family was struggling financially so I sought a way to support them, but what could I do that made use of my special talents? That's when I discovered that there were local Lucha Libre tournaments! I could easily win money doing something I actually enjoyed because Lucha Libre is a hobby of mine. Of course, that was over 2 months ago so I haven't had much practice. Say, how would you like to be my sidekick?!" Enrique looks stupefied and then slowly it dawns on him, "Really? De Verdad? You want me to be your sidekick?! This is everything I've ever dreamed of!"
Later, when Enrique gets his own costume....
ZAPMAN and Enrique shake hands commemorating their status as superhero and sidekick as they get their picture taken by many photographers and the Daily Volt is busy printing out their latest headliner "ZAPMAN AND SPARKY: Newest Duo to Take on Crime!"

In the ten years that follow, no one could have suspected how popular ZAPMAN would become. Instead of just being known in the city of Greenwood, his exploits became known all over the world, translated into dozens of languages. ZAPMANMANIA shook the world with ZAPMAN Comics, ZAPMAN Novels, ZAPMAN Action Figures, ZAPMAN Movies, Film Serials, Mugs, CDs, Limited Edition Bendy Straws, Plates, Halloween Costumes.... but the fame had a price. Everyone saw Francisco not as a professional Wrestler but a sell-out, not as a Superhero but a panderer to the crowds. No one took him seriously and he wasn't able to find any other work because everyone wanted to take advantage of him for autographs, backstage passes, secret tours of his home. He was tired of it, tired of being a celebrity and longed for a life where he could just save people for once instead of being paraded around like some circus animal. He just wanted to make a difference with his powers but somehow someone had got the right to use his name for products and suddenly he was on everything from popcorn wrappers to dish soap and sponges.

Francisco thought back to Enrique as tears stung his eyes. He would be about twenty now.... if he had lived to see it. Many people told ZAPMAN that Enrique's death was not his fault, but it was, it had to be. Because ZAPMAN took him on as his apprentice fully knowing that they both might get killed, and he let Enrique be his sidekick anyway. Enrique should have been able to go to high school, get married, but now? None of that was possible. If ZAPMAN had just been a little faster... his death could have been prevented.  

It was 1958 and Enrique had been ZAPMAN's sidekick for 6 years when Atomik, one of ZAPMAN's most dangerous enemies because he could shoot atomic blasts, melt people's faces off, and bend steel in his bare hands. What ZAPMAN didn't know is that when they met that day, Atomik could detonate people without even touching them... and as his final vengeance.... he imploded Enrique from the inside...
Luckily ZAPMAN was able to get Enrique away from the general population and prevented anyone else's death. Francisco thought to himself over and over, "What if?". But there was no what if and there never would be because there was no way ZAPMAN could've known....

At the funeral Francisco hired Chuck Berry to play Johnny B. Goode as a tribute to his fallen friend. But as he looked at what was left of his friend, a charred body, devoid of hair, and missing a leg and a couple of fingers? Well, that was the final straw.... no more ZAPMAN. Francisco had hung up the cowl ever since that day, finding work as a local mechanic named "Biff". Fixing up people's cars proved relaxing enough to the point where Francisco was able to take his mind off of Enrique "Sparky" Balcázar for the time being. He still could not bring himself to accept Sparky's death and would not for several years to come.

So there Francisco was, in 1962, in a bar drinking his troubles away to the song "Tequila" by the Champs (which is kind of ironic because he can't get drunk), when in walks JFK! Kennedy says he has a special assignment for ZAPMAN in case things get worse with the Soviet Union and JFK needs a way to keep the tensions low. Someone who can go behind the scenes and prevent things from escalating too quickly. How could Francisco say no?

For the next couple of months, he trained to the song Misirlou by Dick Dale. Francisco practiced until he was able to shoot tiny beams of lightning that could slice through metal like laser beams. He practiced until his arms felt like they were going to fall off because he was carrying 3 sets of 20 ton bags on both shoulders. Francisco timed himself running from Greenwood all the way to New York: 4.2 seconds.  He would have to do better if he was going to be able to stop whatever was coming, strength, precision, and speed wouldn't be enough. Francisco would have to be stealthy, maybe even make up a new power. Was that even possible?

Eventually the time came that Kennedy had need of him. The Cuban Missile Crisis had begun and the Soviet Union was aiming its sights on the U.S. from the missiles it had planted in Cuba. So Francisco set off Cuba taking to the skies humming "I'm coming home baby now" by Mel Torme (the most spy-like song he could think of). "The kids these days are interested in some sort of Solar fellow or Spider guy or something. I'm more of an afterthought. Maybe this will help me be a real héroe again."

ZAPMAN lands on a nearby beach in Cuba and begins trying to persuade generals to move away from the blockade.....
"Excuse me? I need you all to turn your boats around! You're getting too close to the naval barrier President Kennedy has around the United States! nothing I do is getting through to them!" ZAPMAN isn't able to persuade them so he turns to other tactics. Concentrating hard, ZAPMAN focuses his attention on one of the captains aboard the boat he was shouting at. "What the- I can read his thoughts. I know what he's thinking! Talk about science fiction level stuff. I wonder... if I can read his mind.... can i control it? Here goes...."

Hiding in a bush, ZAPMAN secretly snaps his fingers and the Captain is under his control via his. Using the Captain as a mouthpiece, ZAPMAN relays his "orders". "Stand back men, this guy is a dangerous superhero! He's liable to fry us without so much as a look 'cause of his lightning eyes! Oh, and he has one of the most dangerous abilities known to man! Uh, telekinesis that increases on a ten-hour radius, yeah that's it. Every ten hours his telekinesis grows stronger! When he first used it, it started out small but now he can lift our missiles and send them back at us and move mountains and, uh all sorts of crazy physics-defying stuff! We all better just turn these ships around or that President of theirs is sure to send him after us! Quickly now! We don't want to get decimated do we?!" The Captain screams in desperation like a little girl while everyone else sheepishly replies no sir and begins turning their boats around.

Afterwards, Francisco is awarded special recognition for his part in the Cuban Missile Crisis and is able to return to his old life with his confidence as a superhero restored, with Kennedy promising to help him get back on his feet in whatever way possible. Francisco later went on to win several heavyweight championships in Lucha Libre and found the superhero team Bolt Force before his retirement in 1974 to help take care of his 5-year old son Nathaniel Numera in 1974. He had left quite a mark on the world when he passed away at the age of 45, having been personally responsible for the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the defeat of giant kaijus like Todoroki and his successful campaign to highlight the dangerous consequences of nuclear weapons and their effect on the environment using Enrique as an example and living proof of their destructive capability. That isn't to say that nuclear power didn't have benefits, but it was clear that after the death of Francisco Carlos Numera, the Atomic Age was at an end and the Dark Age was beginning......

Atomic Thunderbolt finishes his story....
"So what did you think of my story Mark? Pretty exciting stuff, huh?" Atomic Thunderbolt says through mouthfuls of his banana split, suddenly ravenously hungry. Probably because he spoke so much. "I enjoyed the story, it was a little sad though. Poor Enrique...." Mark lowers his head as he thinks what Enrique would've been like had he have lived to the present day. "Well I thought my story was better." Captain Future pipes up, adding in his 2¢. Pyroman slumps his shoulders and smiles apologetically, "Wish I had a story to tell you Mark, but I didn't write any down." They all laugh and finish eating their banana splits while playing Bingo before ZAPMAN has to leave to go check on Doctor Heath to make sure he was still in his jail cell....

Meanwhile at the  Greenwood City St. Jupiter Super Villain Rehabilitation, Treatment and Reform Center...
"Yes, I'm still in my jail cell you brainless boob! It's where I've been ever since you brought me here! Honestly, the nerve of you sometimes is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING!" Doctor Heath sighs and begins again, "I'm sorry ZAPMAN, Old Boy, I just need to get a grip on things, you know? Some rest and peace and quiet will do me good don't you think? I'm glad we had time to talk." "Yeah, listen don't do anything dangerous and I'll take you to the movies.", ZAPMAN says. Just have to make sure they restrain you. Aaah it feels good to break the 4th wall again after not doing it for so long. Sort of like stretching after a long nap. ZAPMAN exits through the door of the facility after saying goodbye to Heath and his psychologist, the nurses, and various other staff that work in the GCSJSVRTRC. "The FOOOOOOOL hehehehe!" Dr. Heath rubs his hands together, "He doesn't know my Love Ray is almost complete!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EEEEEEEEEEEVIL LAUGH! Ooh! that was a bit too much even for me."

Doctor Heath's Love Ray? What is he planning? How will ZAPMAN stop him? How does it involve pickles?! It doesn't. We were just messing with you. Have a nice day.

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Chapter 13: Star Spangled War Stories Part 2: I Can Do This All Day
"Sorry for startling you like that. ZAPMAN, why don't you come inside? You must be soaking wet!" ZAPMAN heads inside with Captain Future. "The rain doesn't bother me much Captain Future- I mean Mr. Bryant- I mean Dr. Bryant- I mean Dr. Mr. Bryant. Ugh I'm sorry I guess I'm just a little out of it today."  Just then Atomic Thunderbolt's face perks up. "Well y'know what helps me after a tough day? Listening to good ol' tales of justice!-"

Captain Future interjects, "Oh no you don't WILLIAM, You went last time. It's my turn to tell young ZAPMAN here of his family's daring exploits." Atomic Thunderbolt's real name is William "Wily the Willy the Wharf Rat" Burns. "But Andyyyyy...." Atomic Thunderbolt looks at his longtime friend sullenly. "No buts William. You can go next though. Now, Mark this is a War Journal from your Great-Grandfather Charles Thaddeus Numera during World War II." Bryant gingerly hands Mark the journal, fearing that it would break if he used too much of his super strength.
The journal is black save gold trimmings on the title of the journal "Property of C.T. Numera". It didn't look like much but was filled with dozens of illustrations of things that would have made Flash Gordon blush. Guns and other various superweapons of all sizes, no doubt dismantled by the very hands that drew them. One of Charles' annotations caught Mark's eye: "Gee, that Sun Gun would've given America the worst summer tan!"  "What's this one about Mr. Bryant? Some kind of Sun Gun? Sounds kind of cool"

Mark hands the journal back to Captain Future who inspects it more closely. "Heeey! I remember this! This is when Charles and I first met. I hadn't known much about him so I was a little skeptical of this "ZAPMAN" who had supposedly gotten his powers via magic. Especially in the '40s magic was looked down as something that occultists or witches practice. But we needed all the men we could if we were going to win the war......
To set the mood he put on Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrews Sisters, "He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago Way

From the Journal of Charles Thaddeus Numera: March 1st 1941:
I got my powers on July 4th 1920 at age 15. It's now the year nineteen fourty-one. I've had my powers for some 21 odd years and I've still no clue as to how they work. On that day I was just some stupid teenager looking for something fun to do for the fourth of July.. Well I got more "fun" then I bargained for.

I entered the voodoo shop not sure what I'd find but then I got sucked up into some magic mishap involving some sort of stone and suddenly I'm a human lightning rod. What did that Swamp Queen call it? Bound to the soul of Shango.  He's some sort of Vodou god of lightning or something. She said that when I touched it I absorbed his powers (he had sealed them away in that stone, leaving him powerless to protect his people until someone "worthy" came along).

Any way you slice it human lightning rod or conduit of some foreign god, it lets me do things like turn invisible or phase through walls or charge guns with electrified bullets (they're not really bullets just electrical constructs I made to look like bullets, I would never take a life). Now flying? That would be a cool power. Seems to be one of the few I don't have. I can lift tanks and outrun cars but I can't fly?  Good Grief, gimme a break.

Still, with all the powers I do have , I  should be able to help America win if it ever does decide to go to war right? That's part of the reason why I'm signing up for the draft today, it's a chance to flex my powers. The other part? I get to make America look good and do my part in "Making the World Safe for Democracy" as Wilson would have put it. Never did like the guy but he did good work. Now Hoover? He was even worse. I lived through both and I have to say I'm all the stronger for it and so is America. We both rose through our hardships to become greater than we already were...

From the Journal of Charles Thaddeus Numera: December 7th 1941:
Today Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. Countless lives were lost. Still wasn't as bad as September 1st 1939. Germany invaded Poland and actually succeeded. Still, I never expected the war to get so bad that the Axis would be able to gain an advantage on our home front. On Hawaii no less! I actually kind of liked Hawaii. I heard it's nice in the summer. More importantly, today is the day America goes to war. Things don't look good but hopefully I can do something about it. If not me then who? Someone's got to do what's necessary to make sure people all over the world are safe, and I'd go so far as to say I'm the star spangled man with a plan....

From the Journal of Charles Thaddeus Numera: December 21st 1941: 2:20 P.M.
It's been 14 days since the bombing of Pearl Harbor and already intel has come flying in about a dangerous superweapon called the Sun Gun. A weapon of mass power capable of frying the United States. So naturally Uncle Sam has developed a team capable of stopping the Sun Gun before it even gets built. People like me, Captain Future, Fantomah,  and Stardust the Super Wizard. A four-man (and woman) band capable of handling threats and righting wrongs too big for one person..... I'll get back to you on the name.

From the Journal of Charles Thaddeus Numera: December 21st 1941: 5:20 P.M.
It's now been 3 hours since we were briefed on the Sun Gun and I'm on my way to Berlin with three people I'm starting to come to know. Kind of scary but hey, I make friends easily. I instruct everyone to hold hands with each other and they look at me like I have a case of malaria. I think Fantomah wants to murder me in my sleep, I can't tell because when she does that skeleton-face thing it looks like her face is locked in a permanent grimace.

We hold hands and dive into the side of building, my molecular phasing is able getting us through the lasers and turrents that guard the facility we're currently in. The locals call it Sonne Fabrik, which in English means "Sun Factory". Kind of fitting considering scientists in here are building something that uses the sun, and a giant reflector machine in order to vaporize cities on a whim. I pitch a name for the group as the Four Comrades but I gave up as I realized there was already a group with that same name...... Oh well I guess.

We split up into groups of two as our paths diverge. Soon two SS officers are on our tail yelling things like " Stoppen Sie dumme Amerikaner!" I shoot them quickly with my ZAP-Gun using just enough electricity to stun them. Captain Future shares his thanks and clasps my shoulder firmly, a bond of brotherhood is beginning to form. The good captain has but a few precious moments before he returns the favor by flying up and sabotaging turrets that were hidden into a secret panel in the walls, ripping up the wall panel with his super strength. Wires crackle with sparks showing where a huge hole is left behind.... just big enough for us to slip through. I phase through the wall and sucker punch one of the yahoos guarding the main entrance to a vault.

Sensing that the vault is too thick for me to phase through without tripping at least a few alarms I ask for Captain Future's help to rip the door open. Together with a mighty, HEAVE! we're able to get the door open. At this point all we can do is watch in stunned silence as a creature of alien origin was hooked up to a machine I swear looked like something straight out of the movie serials. The creature looked weak and emancipated but did not look frail as was usually the custom. Various tubes were hooked into the creature's arms and yellow liquid was flowing out of the creature and into an even bigger tube which feed directly into the machine. "Please.... I can't do this anymore.... they're using me as a way to power their sun gun since my race Minotaur Solaris naturally produces and absorbs solar energy." Cap and I unhook the Minotaur who informs us his name is Asterion before collapsing from fatigue and weariness.

From the Journal of Charles Thaddeus Numera: December 21st 1941: 10:32 P.M.
I'm still coming to grips with Asterion being trapped in that vault, who knows how long those wacky Nazis kept him there? Of course, it's not the first time the government knew about aliens before we did. Heck, Stardust is an alien! You think that the higher-ups would tell you that you're dealing with a visitor from beyond the stars. Kind of makes sense considering his brutal torture methods. I mean turning some gangsters into popsicles and sending in other gangsters who were transformed into rats to go eat them?! It makes me sick to my stomach, but he's invulnerable to any physical damage and that's a good power to have... he's just got to work on his people skills. With any luck maybe Asterion will fare better.

This little adventure was fun and all but the war's far from over.

Duty calls,

ZAPMAN closes the journal and sits for several seconds with his eyes closed. Captain Future pipes up, " When the media first found out about Stardust they twisted his story to their advantage, calling him a superhero whose "vast knowledge of interplanetary science has made him the most remarkable man that ever lived!"  Of course it's their words not mine. Heck, they called me an Avatar of Zeus! Can you believe it?!  That's how desperate people for a hero, a symbol to believe in!"  Captain Future shakes his head sullenly.

"Just be glad you didn't get stuck with a name that doesn't even describe your power! I mean PYROMAN?! UGH Like I've got fire shooting out of my hands?! I don't see any fire guys do you?!" Pyroman A.K.A. Dick Martin sits down on a seat next to Mark's to give his two cents. "Your great-grandpa there was a friend and mentor to all of us even if if it wasn't in the usual sense.

Of course I wasn't able to meet him until December '42 but my experience with him was rather startling. Within a year he had mastered his phasing ability to the point where he could make himself harder than granite or lighter than a sack of feathers. We still had no idea where he got his powers and to what extent he was capable of. We still don't even know with you Mark Numera. We've watched you grow up but then we remember good 'ol Charlie and it's like in some odd 75 years or so we all met him, his powers seem so much weaker than yours. He never was able to fly or lift objects with electrical telekinesis or shapeshift or absorb atomic energy or trans-mutating objects or see into the electromagnetic or teleport or whatever else it is you can do... Makes me wonder if things would have been different you had been around during World War II. So much suffering....."

Pyroman tries to speak again but is cut off by Atomic Thunderbolt in an attempt to lighten the mood, "Who's up for Banana Splits? They've got tiny little American Flags!" A.T. passes one to Mark and Pyroman while Captain Future declines. "Now are you ready to hear my story?"
Mark grins, "I can do this all day."

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Chapter 13: Star Spangled War Stories Part 1: A Can of Spam and Some Zombie Robots
ZAPMAN had been scouring the city for the good part of half an hour trying to look for the bombs Heath has laid out for him with his x-ray vision.
Being able to switch between the various "channels" of the electromagnetic spectrum comes in handy for an "endeavour" of this magnitude I would assume. I'm running out of time here and that fiend Dr. Heath knows it..... But where to look?! If I was a supervillain I probably would hid bombs in abandoned warehouses or storage systems.... That's it! I should look near the meat package plant and the spam factory (why Greenwood used to have a spam factory I'll never know. All I can say is.... GOOD RIDDANCE! BLECH! Just thinking about spam makes me nauseous...

Just then the voice of Mark's dad pipes up in his head, saying indignantly that he actually likes spam thank you very much. Feels weird dealing with all these people bouncing around in my head. It comes with being ZAPMAN I guess. Think of it as like the Speed Force, Barry Allen gets his powers and the collective knowledge of allllll the other people who have tapped into the Speed giving him access to all their powers and abilities, with mine being you know, hereditary, and besides my family I share space with a bunch of thunder gods because they gave up their powers to create the Bolt Force, the magical extra-dimensional energy that gives me my powers.

Without it I'd just be Mark Numera. ZAPMAN is technically what someone in the Numera family becomes when they have access to the Bolt Force, an amalgamation of all the tendencies of themselves and whoever has had access to the Bolt Force before them like Zeus, Indra, My dad, Grandpa Frank, etc. It gets even weirder because if I fight with them sometimes they can manually take over my body. Why are you hitting yourself images come to mind. Perhaps the scariest thing is that they can take over my body if I ever get knocked unconscious.

When someone taps into the Bolt Force they become stronger, faster, helck, even taller when they use their powers. Helps with a secret identity to be able to just transform, not that I have a secret identity anymore. Deadpool is probably the best example of what I think of myself now: Everyone knows he's Wade Wilson, but everyone calls him by his superhero name Deadpool. That or Captain America, yeah.... let's go with Captain America...Or Captain Deadpool.

Energy crackles through the air as ZAPMAN zips through the sky as a lightning bolt. If one were a reporter they might look up and conclude the bolt as nothing more than a strange weather phenomenon, nothing more, because after all Greenwood was known for its unusual weather pattern and people would often try to cash in on it claiming that Greenwood was something kind of city-sized weirdness magnet. Others would look at the lightning bolt and swear they heard the words Whoooooo and Hooooooo together, real faint-like coming from the lightning. Of course at first various citizens would  start pointing fingers as to who was really crazy.... the reporter/weatherman, or the townspeople? After a while everyone would have a good laugh and then go about their day as if nothing happened, it probably was a freak occurrence. Those freak occurrences were pretty darn common....

"Bingo, meat-packing plant, here I come!" ZAPMAN touches down to Earth in a flash of lightning, thunder signaling his arrival.... KERCHOW! "Hmmm.... Looks empty, smells rotten, and I can see next to nothing... At least one of those things I can change.... Let's shed some light on the subject!" ZAPMAN holds his hand out and a spark illuminates the darkened warehouse enough for Mark to see clearly. "There... that's better.... Hi, Robots I didn't see you there.  Robots?! Dang, I forgot! What did Dr. Heath call you guys?

The... *deep breath ULTIMATE KILLER ROBOT VAMPIRE ZOMBIE NINJA PIRATE WARRIOR ARMY! Well I hate to disappoint you guys but I'm not here to fight you. I know what I did was wrong... but at the time I didn't know I had killed you! I figured you all would reform from the ashes or something. I mean jeez... maybe you guys had little vampire babies or vampire wives, I don't know! But I'm sorry about it, I really am. So what do you say we hug this out?"  The KRVZNPWA stares at him in confusion until one brave warrior steps out. "Our prime directive is to kill you... but our hearts say otherwise. You seem truly conflicted and we do not blame you. We'll put up a good fight to make it look professional but you must promise you will find a way to make to reverse what Heath has done to us."

"Sure pal you have a deal" ZAPMAN says. Whipping out his kusarigama, ZAPMAN's sickle sinks itself eagerly into the arm of one of the zombie vampires. Pulling the zombie towards him, ZAPMAN finishes him off with a clothesline knocking him to the ground and into unconscious slumber. "oooh! I um..... Did I do it too hard? Here, I tone it down for you guys...." a moment later and the kusarigamas disappear in a flash of lightning.  

ZAPMAN launches a zombie into the air, punching him twice in a one-two punch before grabbing his leg. ZAPMAN spins him around, the zombie begging to be let go. "Are you sure? Like really really sure? Because I don't have supernatural creature insurance for when you go splat." But your wish is my command!" SLAM! The impact of the zombie's body hitting the ground leaves a crater the size of Mount Rushmore. "Gah I did it again" ZAPMAN groans in frustration. I have to work on holding back more. I can't hurt people! How would it look if I high-fived the president and the next thing you know I'm in jail because the president has just been vaporized?!

Ok next best thing....  *FINGER FLIIIIIIIICK! Holding back all he can, ZAPMAN flicks a zombie's head watching as the remaining zombies behind him all fall like dominos... Clink Clink Clink CLUNK! Say what? Why did the zombie pirate ninja robot whatever the heck theyre called at the end just make a clunk noise? Does he have a clock in his head? Scanning the area ZAPMAN locates the bomb inside a crate How convienent. "Time to put this in a "safe" place" ZAPMAN picks up the crate and lifts it over his head, searching for places to put the crate.

Taking flight faster than the speed of light he turns into a bolt of pure lightning. He reappears a moment later in another sector of the Milky Way Galaxy, away from any signs of life. Uh-oh. Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb! The bomb explodes and ZAPMAN absorbs the nuclear energy from within the bomb, minimizing the damage as well as giving himself a much needed boost in speed and energy. Aaah that was a good snack!

RING RING! ZAPMAN touches a finger to his forehead so that people can talk to him as a sort-of human telephone over electrical signals. "Hello? Dang it not you again! Heath, What have I told you?!" ZAPMAN responds furiously. "That you love to hang with me and want to do it again sometime?" Heath replies meekly. "NO.  It's not that... it's that I don't have a cell phone so I'm not just some PRIVATE LINE you can tap into!"
Heath clears his throat and begins again: "Ahem, I just wanted to tell you that there wasn't another bomb so... that was it. You're welcome." Doctor Heath states in a matter-of-fact tone. Heath begins to say something else but Mark cuts
him off and ends the conversation, annoyed at his frenemy. That son of a Beatrice really grinds my gears. I feel like I'm missing something important though... Something I was supposed to do today... AW SNAP! I forgot to go to the Retirement Home, I was supposed to volunteer today!

Ok, so the "Retirement Home" is a code name for the place where Golden and Silver Age characters go out to live their lives after they've been replaced by the "modern" versions or are generally forgotten. Yes, that does include famous heroes too. I'm looking at you Golden Age Captain Marvel/Plastic Man! (DC, please don't sue me. The golden age versions of these guys are in the public domain and its your own fault).  Moving on, this includes people like Stardust the Super Wizard, the Atomic Thunderbolt and Captain Future... they're nice guys and may be some of the few people still alive that silve have memories of my great-grandpa and grandpa.. Speaking of which, I have to help them with setting up bingo today, maybe they'll tell me something I haven't heard before!

The rain begins to fall rapidly, picking up speed until every street is wet and discolored a soggy grey. Rain pours down in drones heavier and heavier until ZAPMAN reaches the Retirement Home and rings the doorbell. He is greeted by the Atomic Thunderbolt's semi-wrinkled face, (a side effect of the Retirement Home's ability to either reduce aging or suspend it completely). A.T. is in full costume, including his trademark white cap with a red atom symbol.  If one had seen what his hair looked like they would have remarked that it looked reddish-brown. "Well there he is! The big man himself! I wasn't sure you'd make it! Just in for bingo, who knows you might become king of the bingo game today!" A.T. greets ZAPMAN jovially. "I don't know about that. The last guy got knocked unconscious, nasty stuff, sometime back in the '50s I think.", a mysterious voice answers. It's none other than Andrew Bryant A.K.A...... Captain FUTURE!
I know, I know, I don't own the name ZAPMAN... but I can still use it. My ultimate goal is to make him into a creative commons character that way I can still keep ZAPMAN/ Mark Numera but allow others to use him with my blessing. It means that he's still my character but everyone is able to use him. Just when you do send me a note or something I want to see what you have so I can give my two-cents.  I don't know how to do this to this but let's just say that he is and be done with it. (If anyone really does know how to create a CC character or you have any ideas for ZAPMAN.. lemme know in the comments.)
  • Listening to: Where is My Mind by the Pixies
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I know, I know, I don't own the name ZAPMAN... but I can still use it. My ultimate goal is to make him into a creative commons character that way I can still keep ZAPMAN/ Mark Numera but allow others to use him with my blessing. It means that he's still my character but everyone is able to use him. Just when you do send me a note or something I want to see what you have so I can give my two-cents.  I don't know how to do this to this but let's just say that he is and be done with it. (If anyone really does know how to create a CC character or you have any ideas for ZAPMAN.. lemme know in the comments.)
  • Listening to: Where is My Mind by the Pixies
  • Reading: The Monkey King's Amazing Adventure by Wu Cheng'en
  • Watching: Jojo Part 2/ Freakazoid/The Mask
  • Playing: Batman Arkham Knight/ Double Dragon IV/ Broforce
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